News Release

Students Invited To Unique Richmond Temple Open House Event on March 17

Today, Provost Dr. James Lambert announced that the Richmond Temple Open House Committee had set aside time for the Buena Vista Young Single Adult Stake to attend the Richmond Temple Open House on March 17 from 5–6 p.m. before its official opening on March 21.

“The Young Single Adult Stake and the Richmond Temple have allocated a time for all [Southern Virginia University] students to attend the Richmond Temple Open House,” said Lambert. “They are opening it up just for us, and we encourage all to attend that exciting opportunity.”

“The Open House Committee is wanting to make it very clear that you belong at the temple, and you are wanted there,” said President Palmer of the Buena Vista Young Single Adult Stake. “By reserving a time on March 17 for us, the students here have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend an open house before anyone else, including the media, VIP, and general admission.”

To ensure that all who wish are able to attend the Open House, the Buena Vista YSA Stake is chartering buses for transportation and will be providing food as well. To reserve a seat, students may contact a bishop in the YSA Stake or Dean Chris Packer. Additionally, the Office of the Provost encourages students with classes during the allotted time to contact their professors and make arrangements to attend the Open House.

“You young single adults matter to us, and you are the future of the Church,” said President Palmer. “Having the Richmond Temple so close provides an opportunity for increased attendance and to survive there, and we hope you will all take full advantage of the temple.”

A registration link has been sent out to members of the Buena Vista YSA wards. Those who did not receive the link and would like to attend can reach out to Interim Dean of Students Chris Packer at